About Us

In the wake of India's Independence, a major wave of migration from Karnataka to Mumbai took place during the period 1950 to 1960. A majority of these families form a well-to-do and well-settled segment of the migrant population of Mumbai and its suburbs today.

On the other side of this success story, it is the drastic distancing of second and third generations of these migrant families from the traditional values fading away from the native land. The third generation is the worst victim of this drawback, in view of the concurrent and continuous bombarding of the materialistic views through 24x7 TV Channels, the Internet, the Facebook, the You-Tube and the omnipresent Mobile. To arrest this downward slide and to enrich the lives of our youngsters with the traditional values, the moving force in the background envisioned the setting-up of an organization “Kala Jagatthu Chinnara Bimba” in the year 2003. “Chinnara Bimba” is a unique Socio-Cultural Institution which has become very popular in and around the nation amongst not only Kannadigas but also other language speakers. Over a span of seventeen years,

Chinnara Bimba has to its credit a great crown of moulding children in the age group of 6 to 14 years with overall development. Chinnara Bimba could help explore the hidden talents of children by imparting knowledge through eminent personalities from every field during Chinnara Bimba's workshops conducted in 29 centers.

Around 7000 students of Chinnara Bimba are learning the art of organizing Mega Events, Public Speaking Skills and are excelled to perform Yakshagana, Folk dances, Folk Songs, Vocational skills like Music, Bhajan, Rangoli, Rural Games, native Recipes etc. These students are also empowered with multi-tasking and multi-activity oriented techniques. Manners, Etiquettes & Communication Skills are also taught. Chinnara Bimba in short, is a platform for grooming children into all-round fine citizens with special emphasis on value-education, courage, discipline, dedication and above all patriotism.

Though most of the students are studying in English medium schools, still they could perform and exhibit excellence in language of natives. Analyzing this need of the hour, Chinnara Bimba has started teaching 'Kannada Language' to students through all 29 centers since June 2009. Learned teachers, capable of handling students of varied age group have played a major role in educating students. Each child undergoes this quality exposure on Saturdays, Sundays and other holidays for six years, at no cost what-so-ever. The process of transformation in the children has developed an indelible impression on parents and encouraged others to send their children to participate in Chinnara Bimba's workshops.

With a unique goal, Shri Prakash Bhandary, the spirit behind this movement has sown the seeds for the great event called “Cultural Festival” which includes Competitions, where eminent scholars impart knowledge to the children in the field of Art, Culture, Tradition & Rural Games which are held on weekends in all the centers, popularly known as Shibiras, followed by groups of Shibiras known as Regions. Finally through Inter- Region competitions, SHINING STARS emerge out.

Your continued support......... is our enduring strength !!!