Latest Events: 21st CHILDREN`S FESTIVAL 2024 - RAJYOTSAVA AWARD 2023 - On Sunday, 07th January 2024, at 1:30pm Onwards - at Buntara Bhavana, Radhabhai T. Bhandary Auditorium, Mumbai


In the wake of India's Independence, a major wave of migration from Karnataka to Mumbai took place during the period 1950 to 1960. A majority of these families form a well-to-do and well-settled segment of the migrant population of Mumbai and its suburbs today. On the other side of this success story, it is the drastic distancing of second and third generations of these migrant families from the traditional values fading away from the native land.

Prakash Bhandary

Prakash Bhandary, a master strategist and an organization builder, displays in abundance the rare qualities of leadership in pooling human-resources, co-ordinating and implementing towards achieving set goals. The success story of Chinnara Bimba is a towering testimony to the contributions of Mr. Prakash. He has a passionate and inexplicable relationship with “Chinnara Bimba”- his foster child. He was by Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mumbai. He combines in fine measure the traditional values of his native-land with those of the energetic work-culture of the metropolis of Mumbai- A city on the move. Dealing with people on the wrong side of law in his day-to-day work, he is convinced that inclusion of values in childhood is the best way towards a trouble-free society. 'A life firmly rooted in values', he reiterates, 'can never go wrong'. His vision for Chinnara Bimba: Consolidation of the activities, in both quality and intensity so as to make Chinnara Bimba the Architect of every child in Mumbai.

Chinnara Bimba Trustees